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LOVE From My Clients

Tom Bershad

Serial Entrepreneur

Founder of: Focus Pointe Global

Next Level Advisors and

I have known Laurie for more than 13 years. She is one of the finest people I have ever worked with. In that time, I have seen Laurie grow from a highly talented graphic designer into a full-fledged digital marketing partner. She not only has a highly-refined sense of design and gifted artistic talent, Laurie can execute in a wide variety of technical areas. She has built websites, managed my email marketing campaigns, set up web analytics, recorded and edited audios and podcasts, installed courses into online course management systems, designed and installed Shopify stores and so much more.

Rebecca Kochman

Marketing Committee

Delaware Valley Opera Company

Laurie is proficient in technology and wonderfully creative and artistic. Although she is the design and tech expert, the board approves all 
publicity. We tend to be perfectionists so the process is intense.
In addition to her many talents, Laurie is very 
easy to work with and very gracious.
In my experience, highly capable individuals with an excellent work ethic and superb interpersonal skills are not easily found. We are beyond grateful that Laurie has chosen to work with DVOC. A board member dubbed her “St. Laurie” at our last board meeting. I believe the name will stick.

Amber Johnston


Working with Laurie was so much fun! I felt like I was really a part of the process, she worked one on one with me until my logo was exactly what I wanted. When we finally found the one I liked we ended up having to change it again to fit on my website. She was always happy to go back to the drawing board and really wanted me to feel fantastic about the final product. She seemed just as invested as I was and I could tell she really enjoys what she does. I highly recommend Laurie for all your design purposes!

Stephanie Palmer


The Reiki School + Clinic

I can not comment highly enough on the design skills of Laurie Elder. She has designed a countless amount of postcards, stickers, flyers and brochures for The Reiki School + 
She also maintains our website and has been our go to for design work for many years now. She is reliable and pleasant to work with, a true professional at her craft.

Sandra Day


Delaware Valley Opera Company

Laurie is in the progress of 
completing all the new innovations that she has planned for our site, I can say that she has meticulously taken over the site and improved it in many, many ways.  Using her beautiful graphics, she has made the website very professional and it is becoming more and more easy to use.
Delaware Valley Opera Company’s website could not be in better hands!

Kimberly Fleisher M.Ed

Early Childhood Educator,

Co-Founder of The Reiki School + Clinic

Laurie's design work has a perfect blend of heart, art, and structure. She always gets the message across in a way that looks and feels good.

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Laurie Elder

6700 Germantown Ave

Lower Level

Philadelphia, PA 19119

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